DedSec Vietnam is a gang in Watch Dogs: Viethacking and is one of Tran Thu Duong's main friendly and allies.


DedSec Vietnam was completely founded by Huu Cam Phu in around 2025. And Tran THu Duong one of the things that he do in the story was to rising the gang to the top.


Tran Thu Duong can recruit maximum 4 members of DedSec Vietnam to aid him in fight. This feature was also requiremently featured in some missions.

When Tran Thu Duong were chased by cops at 3 stars or lower, they will aid Tran Thu Duong to escape and shooting at the cops. But if higher than 3 stars, they will flee and will not aid Tran Thu Duong in attempt to escape.

Although they are firendly gang with Tran Thu Duong, they will still open fires at Tran Thu Duong if he provokes/attack them or carjacks a car with a member inside.