Jason Hock's Heavy Gun shop is the place that is located on District Binh Thanh of Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam in Watch Dogs: Viethacking.


This is the place where Tran Thu Duong can buy heavy and powerful weapons here. However, the powerful weapons here seems to be very priced. It also play various roles in storyline


  • G-16: 10000$
  • Flamethrower: 7000$
  • BAZOVN-100: 15000$
  • RE-25: 5000$
  • MG-42: 6000$


  • Unlike other shops. This shop cannot be robbed, player is unable to draw their weapons inside this shop and Jason Hock himself is also scripted to be invincible to gunshots (this was made to keep his fate alive "canon")
    • However. If player is lucky enough, they can aim their gun inside the shop, but Jason Hock will not react. And shoots him won't make him die (This happens with cop chase and he will also not react to cop shootout inside his shop with player)
    • However. In beta, this shop can be robbed and Jason Hock can be killed also
  • This shop has a role in a E3 video of WD: Viethacking