Lexi Deidrick
Name Lexi Ann Deidrick
Status Alive
Age 24
Date of birth May 28, 1992
Place of birth Parker Square, Chicago
Nationality Saudi-American
Residence Unknown, Chicago
Education Software Engineering
Alias(es) .exe
Affiliation(s) DedSec
Profession Hacker
Voice Actor Yasmine Yousaf
Lexi Ann Deidrick, known by her IRC Nick ".exe", is a Saudi-American tech supplier and hacker affiliated with DedSec. A software engineering dropout with dreams too dangerous to have, she grew up alongside the internet; nursed by it. She first made her name in mainstream media after she managed to throttle and overload an entire city block, causing millions of dollars in damage to electronics and circuitry.

Considering her eagerness to enter the world of hacktivism at a young age, she was contacted by DedSec, and she aptly left her dead-end career behind. Notably close to Sitara Dhawan, she is one of her informants from time to time. Currently, she operates out of an obscure, archaic record selling den, which is also a front used as a safehouse for DedSec operatives and highwaymen alike.


Lexi was born in Parker Square, Chicago, to homely and fairly well off parents. Her father, Barry Deidrick, was a retired military electrician turned system administrator, and her mother, Ameera Deidrick, was a trusted therapist. As a child, she had access to what was once known as the "Computer Room", an entire room dedicated to an enormous stationary computer. Connected to many eerie devices and machines, her father ran a few illegal services from this room, from music ripping and distributions to counterfeit records and CDs.

Growing up in post-911 America, she felt ashamed of her ethnicity and identified as Indian to hide her controversial culture.