Roseshi Fiora was born in January 21, 2016 in Cairo Egypt, and she was grateful to Egyptian Peach Festival on October 9th every year since she is 14 years old. She graduated from high school, and went to vacation for London, United Kingdom on July 1st. Roseshi is 20 years old to become Dedsec Egypt with Omar Yakima to hack the city of Cairo, Egypt until 2040. She is the 2nd protagonist of Watch Dogs: Egypthacking.

Apperance Edit

Her arms are strong to hack Egypt. She is wearing a pink t-shirt, green shorts and green boots.

Vehicles Edit

  • Any vehicles that she can used as a playable in Watch Dogs: Egypthacking.
  • As NPC in other Watch Dogs games, she can only use 150 Cargo Van & Alpha.

Melee Weapons Edit

In Watch Dogs: Egypthacking, she has a fist that has keep her hands to herself.

Date of Death Edit

In June 19, 2084, she was shot by the gang members of Wolf Mafias, and that she can get funeral and berried after she is 68 years old.