Syder Adams (aka Nguyen Hai Ba) is an character in Watch Dogs: Viethacking


Syder Adams is a high-ranking member of Dedsec Vietnam. He first appears when Huu Cam Phu introduces Tran Thu Duong to him in the mission Syder. Following this, he becomes one of Tran Thu Duong's best friend

Syder Adams is a drug and weed smuggler that he completely often hidden these crimes to PCCC in order to not get arrested by polices

Syder Adams often insults Tran Thu Duong as a nigga due to fact that Tran Thu Duong's a black man. Despite, Tran Thu Duong doesn't seem to do anything to him for this

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  • Syder are similar to Ryder from GTA San Andreas. These are:
    • Both love drugs and weeds
    • Both betrayal the protagonists (CJ/ Tran Thu Duong)
    • Both often calls the protagonists (CJ/Tran Thu Duong) as niggas
    • Both were assassinated on the piers, though Syder survives and later returns to racing Tran Thu Duong and Dedsec team for final rematch, while Ryder were seemly killed on pier for good by CJ (either by boat explosive or sniped)