Tan Son Nhat International Airport (TIA) is a airport in Ho Chi Minh City. It is located in Tan Binh District. It is also busiest airport in Vietnam. As of January 2017. It had a total capacity of only 25 milion passengers. It is also one of famous landmarks appeared in Watch Dogs: Viethacking
1200px-Tan Son Nhat International Airport

in-game DescriptionEdit

Tan Son Nhat International Airport was built in around early 1930. In around year 2020, Airport Mafia become active in the airport and is threatning to killing people if they enter their turf runaway. For some reasons, police could trust Airport Mafia to be a legal gang and allows them to protecting the airport runaway area and only allow High-skilled pilots to enter and not allowing normal people to enter so they don't try to destroy the runaway or having riot and mayhem in the runaway. It interior is also accessible for Tran Thu Duong



  • The airport in game seems to slighty smaller than its real-life