Thu Thiem Mafia is a vietnamese gang in Watch Dogs: Viethacking. They are enemies to Tran Thu Duong, the main protangonist of Watch Dogs


From the previous years (2010s). Thu Thiem was used to be a poor neighborhood in the city in District 2, and this is the reason why the gang wasn't exist at this district for all. However, as of 2020s. Thu Thiem now having a rich neighborhood and having a financial area called as Empire City. When this become rich, Thu Thiem Mafia has been founded with a slighty neutral power. 5 Years later (2026), the Thu Thiem Mafia has been rised to full powers. Their main headquarter is located in some area of Empire City. They can also rarely found commit crimes in Empire City.


Thu Thiem Mafia is one of hostile gangs in Watch Dogs: Viethacking. They are very hostile to Tran Thu Duong compared to other gangs in the city.

Known MembersEdit

  • Blake Sinn (Don/Boss)
  • Syder Adams (After the DedSec Vietnam Betrayal)


  • In Beta. Thu Thiem Mafia was going to be named as Empire City Mafia